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  • THE CODER Co., Ltd. built a new business card app 'Biz Popcorn' business in 2017.
  • Biz Popcorn is not just an innovative business card organizer application, it has amazing functions,
  • integrated solution platform that goes beyond the limits of business cards paper with extraordinary features.
  • Global Partners and Affiliates are individuals and organizations that operate in metropolitan areas around the world
  • responsible for managing sales through online and offline when selecting a partner.
  • 'Biz Popcorn' makes it all possible
  • Your business card is not a matter of necessity, but a Must Have!
  • Errors are not allowed! Not even 0.1%!
  • · 100% error-free recognition when using our Image coding technology
  • · Accurate recognition rate regardless of fonts or the diverse materials they are made of
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  • Listen with your eyes, see through sound!
  • · Send your business card information to many of people at the same time through sound
  •    The personal sound settings feature service will be available soon
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  • The beginning and completion of
    global business!
  • · Do overseas business with just one business card. You will be able to transfer
       the card information in the language setting the same as the recipient’s smartphone
  • · Language support - Korean, English, Chinese (New languages will be available soon)
  • · The saved business card information can be changed into other languages when needed
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  • Just the way you like it!
    As many as you want it!
  • · Change and set any desired information with the personalized contents feature,

       (Ex. video, document, website, etc.)
  • · Differentiated services for your own content without restrictions on file size
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  • You haven't seen nothing yet!
  • · Freely set the scope of information you want to disclosure
  •    The personal information setting function for business card scanning will be provided in the future.
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  • It´s all about connection,
    and I connect with the world!
  • · Provides all necessary services for your business
  •    (navigation, public transportation, airline, accommodation, catering services etc.)
  •    Career management and promotion through Linked In (More services will be provided soon)
  • Always remember me!
  • · A feature that makes it easier for you to remember someone when changing your profile picture
  • Business card order
  • Payment
  • Manufacturing /
  • Delivery
  • Printing
  • Membership
  • Application
  • Others
Photograph orderHow can I take a picture of business card?
File(ai, pdf) upload orderDo I have to upload file only as ai or pdf?
Templet orderWhat is the difference between basic design and premium design?
re-orderHow can I re-order what I ordered before?
CommonWhat is IoT business card?
CommonHow can I know whether it's IoT business card or not?
CommonIs there minimum number of order?
CommonCan I get free order as long as have points?
CommonI don't know the difference among various type of paper.
Is there any additional design editing cost?
Until when can I require exchange or refund?
Until when do I have to remit without bankbook?
Can I get tax invoice or cash recipt?
Can I get group order discount?
How long does it take to be made?
Can I modify design after checking print request?
I want to change the quantity of order
I click 'draft checkiing completed' by mistake.
I want to order besides standard size(9x5cm).
Hou much delivery fee is?
How long does it take to be delivered?
Is oversea dleivery possible?
Which delivery service company are you using?
Can I visit and receive directly?
Color is deffernt with what I expected.
Thre's set off
I think the printing is wrong.
MemberI forget ID and Password.
MemberI want to withdraw from the site.
MemberCan I reentrance after withdrawal?
NonmemberCan I do nonmember order?
Join MerbershipHow can I join membership?
Business card orderHow I do group order?
Business card scan/registerHow I scan business card?
Business card scan/registerBusiness card can't be scanned well.
Business card scan/registerHow many business card I can scan/register?
Business card scan/registerHow can I register normal business card, not IoT one?
Business card managementHow can I manage more than one business card?
Business card managementI want to move business card information since I change device
Business card managementCan I bring information from another application?
Business card damagedI got damaged business card.
Business card fileCan I receive original file of printed business card?
Matter of RsponsibilityCase of custoer's mistake
Matter of RsponsibilityCase of Company(Bizpopcorn)'s responsibility
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